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Helium Number and Shape Foil

Helium Number and Shape Foil


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Helium Number and Shape Foil Balloons

  • 2 * Foil Number Balloon ( want in other colour/number, call us now )
  • 1 * Foil Star 24""
  • 1 * Foil Star 18""
  • 1 * Foil Round 18""
  • With Hi float, matching ribbon & weight so that the balls do not fly away.
Let us know your preferred balloon colour. For further customisations, please give us a call or flick us an email. We’re more than happy to sort out the perfect gift with you! You need to keep your balloons at room temperature, nowhere too hot or too cold. You should take the balloons out of the bag and tie them down to something. Note: For balloons delivery in London contact our Balloon Shop London, Bermondsey.  "
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